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NisJUGEventsLet’s talk about Apache Kafka and What’s new in Java

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Dec 06 2018

Let’s talk about Apache Kafka and What’s new in Java

Davidova 2
Nis, 18000

06.12.2018 @ 18:00 - 20:00


Let’s gather once more and talk about Java (and related stuff). Please, confirm your presence using next form: https://goo.gl/forms/jplE2HQnIXmOzvB72


The presentations for this meetup are:

1. Apache Kafka (by Petar Becic)
Explore main Kafka features and understand why Kafka is one of the most popular Message Brokers nowadays

2. What’s new in new Java versions (by Nemanja Petrović) [slides]
Last year was big for Java, 3 new version, one more coming, new release cycle and more. So let’s see what is new in new Java versions.

This meetup has been organized with the help of a company Miticon (www.miticon.com). Thank you for your continuous support of the community!

Miticon is a successful California based Web Development and Digital Marketing Company which serving selected group of high-profile clients. As a forward thinking company that commands excellence in the fields of design and technology, Miticon is recognized by the biggest names of the entertainment industry. Disney, Warner Bros., Sonos, MAPP and Hyperloop are just a few of the clients that have established successful long-term partnership with the company. With the unique way of approach to ambitious projects in digital marketing, technology and website development Miticon creates customized solutions to the top clients in the industry. Miticon team, based in California and Serbia, successfully covers US and European markets.


Date: 06.12.2018
18:00 - 20:00
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Davidova 2
Nis, 18000