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Sep 18 2019

Supersonic subatomic… Java

Davidova 2
Nis, 18000

18.09.2019 @ 18:00 - 20:00

The world is changing. And enterprise application development as well. For years the most important thing was having a stable ground that allowed for a long unstoppable life of the apps. Development experience and quick deployment turnaround cycles were always a second priority. And were often fixed by automagic tools and frameworks. Startup time was another aspect that was not that important. And why it should be for applications that ran for months without a single restart.

But as we said, the world is changing. Flexible payment models offered by serverless put the startup time on a different perspective. And the emergence of quick turnaround and immediate feedback technologies and platforms like Node.JS and Python questioned the negligence that Java used to have for developers’ experience.

The world is changing, so is Java. 2019 saw the proliferation of new breed of Java platforms. And in this session we are going to look at one of them: Quarkus.io. Born beginning of March, it quickly got traction with its almost revolutionary features.

Come to this session to see some of these features in action:
– Refresh on save for Java applications
– Supersonic start with and without Graal VM
– Subatomic size of the deployment with and without application server
– Awesome development experience for working with databases
– Integration with Kafka for messaging and Prometheus for metrics
– Support for core Java EE technologies and MicroProfile

The talk will be delivered by the big friend of NisJUG – Ivan St. Ivanov (@ivan_stefanov). Ivan is a founder and senior programmer @ VIDA Soft, Open source fan, MicroProfile contributor, Bulgarian JUG lead, jPrime conf organizer, University teacher, PhD student. In addition, Ivan is an official Java Champion.

In the end, we’ll organize a raffle, where you’ll have a chance to win free JetBrains licenses, for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate or other JetBrains IDE. On top of that, you’ll have a chance to win free tickets for the Heapcon conference in Belgrade (26.-27. Sept).

This meetup has been supported by Deavensoft.deavensoft

Deavensoft is a cloud-native software development company. We are helping our customers to ship their business to the clouds.


Date: 18.09.2019
18:00 - 20:00
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Davidova 2
Nis, 18000