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NisJUGEventsEnough java.lang.String to Hang Ourselves … Drazen Nikolic

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Jul 30 2020

Enough java.lang.String to Hang Ourselves … Drazen Nikolic

30.07.2020 @ 18:00 - 19:00

Many of us will not be able to travel to the seaside to Greece this year, so we’ve decided to bring Greece to Niš. 🙂 We’re honored to welcome, directly from the sunny Island of Crete, Dr Heinz Kabutz (@heinzkabutz) and Dmitry Vyazelenko (@DVyazelenko) who will teach us about, well… Strings 🙂 (spoiler: the talk is not about fishing… read the details below).

This is an online event. Register and join at: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/nisjug-javaspecialists

The Talk

Is it better to write “” + 42 or Integer.toString(42)? How much memory can you save if you intern() all of your strings? How can String Deduplication reduce your memory footprint and what does it cost? And how much memory will Java 9 Strings save in Estonian? What is the maximum length of a constant String? And a dynamic String? How much faster is new StringBuilder().append(“Hello “).append(name).toString() than “Hello ” + name? What are intrinsics and how do they relate to Strings? Are Strings really immutable? How can you efficiently create substrings? These and many more questions we will answer during this talk.


Heinz’s Java Specialists’ newsletter is filled with amusing anecdotes of life on the Island of Crete. He is a popular speaker at all the best Java conferences around the world, and also at some of the worst. He teaches Java courses in classrooms around the world, where his prime objective is to make absolutely sure that none of his students fall asleep. He is not always successful.

Dmitry is a software developer, conference speaker and a disorganizer of JCrete and JAlba unconferences, passionate about concurrency and performance.


After the enlightening talk, we’ll have a Q/A and a raffle, where you’ll have a chance to win free JetBrains licenses (for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate or other JetBrains IDE).

The recording of the meetup you can see at https://www.crowdcast.io/e/nisjug-javaspecialists

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Date: 30.07.2020
18:00 - 19:00
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